About The Hop Barn

The hop barn before and after restoration

The Hop Barn probably dates back to the early seventeenth century.  About 40 years ago its leaking tiled roof was replaced with corrugated iron.  By the time we bought the property in 2003, this had rusted away and the barn was in a ruinous condition.

The picture on the left shows us standing in the entrance in 2004. Growing up the front posts were a couple of hops which prompted us to give the barn its present name.  Those original plants did not survive the builders, but we have replaced them with a golden hop which now scrambles up the wall and over the tiled roof in the summer.

While we waited for planning permission to be granted, we lived in fear that a high wind would blow the building away.  Happily it was stronger than it looked and once permission came through we began the work.

The restoration took 10 months and we are delighted with the result.  Our aim was to keep as much of the original structure as possible - particularly the wonderful vaulted interior.  We think we have achieved this as the central living space makes visitors gasp with delight when they come in. We have kept the interior simple but comfortable.  The main living area and the double bedroom has slate flooring whilst the rest of the interior is carpeted.  Underfloor heating ensures that the barn is always warm and cosy.

Our aim is to give our visitors a home from home in which they can relax and from which they can explore the delights of Kent and the South East of England.