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Terms and Conditions

  1. The Applicant certifies that he or she is authorised to sign the proposal form on behalf of all persons who will occupy the property for the period for which s/he has booked and that they are all aware of the booking conditions. The description of the property clearly indicates the number of guests who may occupy the property.  Exceeding this number constitutes a breach of contract and the owner of the property has the right to terminate the booking forthwith and all moneys paid by the applicant will be forfeit.
  2. No booking shall be accepted unless the booking form has been completed by the Applicant and has been accepted on the Acceptance Form. All contracts are deemed to have been made in Kent in accordance with and subject to English Law.
  3. Final payments set out in the booking form are due 8 weeks before the holiday commences and this is shown as the due date on the acceptance form.  If the final amount is not paid on the due date, then the owner will advise the applicant by recorded delivery and ordinary post to the address given by the applicant on the proposal form that his booking is cancelled and his initial payment is forfeit and that he remains liable for the full amount of the final payment.  Without further delay, the owner will then offer the holiday once more at whatever price he feels is appropriate.  In the event of a re-let, repayment shall be made to the applicant after deduction of any difference in the rental received on re-letting together with reasonable administrative or professional costs incurred in connection with such re-letting.
  4. Pets are not generally allowed, however 1 dog may be permitted for a small additional charge.
  5. No smoking is allowed in the property.
  6. Children over 10 are welcome.
  7. The property is available from 4.00pm on the holiday start day until 10am on the holiday finish day as shown on the acceptance form.  These times must be strictly adhered to except by special arrangement with the owner.
  8. In spite of due care and precautions taken, mistakes do sometimes happen.  Any complaint must be taken up immediately in full with the owner who will take all reasonable steps to put the matter right.
  9. The use of amenities provided by the owners is entirely at the users risk and no responsibility can be accepted for any injuries to persons or loss or damage to any belongings of persons who use them.
  10. If the property should not be available owing to damage by fire or storm or for any other reason outside the control of the owner or for any reason the owner is not able to comply with this agreement the owner shall refund to the applicant the full amount of money paid and the owners liability is limited to refunding such monies.
  11. The applicant is responsible for replacing any items broken or damaged during the period of renting. The replacements should be of the same quality and as nearly as possible identical to the items broken. If a replacement is not made the applicant will pay the owner an appropriate sum before leaving the property.